Welcome to our Governors’ Section

At Mosscroft Primary school we have a keen and supportive Governing Body, who are passionate about the future of the school, the role it plays in the wider community and particularly how it supports all its pupils. The governors take great pride in their role and responsibilities and make every effort to be involved in school life.


Our Governing Body is chaired by Mr. Nick Bowmaker and our Vice Chair is Mr. Paul Maryon ; both live within the local community and are passionate about securing quality outcomes for our pupils.


We are proud to have the following members on our governing body:

Mr Nick Bowmaker – Chair of Governors / Co – opted Governor

  • Mr. Paul Maryon – Vice Chair / Parent Governor
  • Miss. Joy Adcock – Co – opted Governor
  • Mr. Damian Kenny- Co –opted Governor
  • Mr. Stephen Percival- Co-opted Governor
  • Mrs. Louise Stubbs- Co –opted Governor
  • Mrs. Penny France – Head Teacher
  • Vacancy – Staff Governor
  • Vacancy, currently recruiting — Parent Governor
  • Vacancy, currently recruiting — Parent Governor
  • The clerk to the Governors is Mrs. Helen Parkinson ( Lancashire Clerking Service)


​We currently have 2 vacancies for a parent governor , 1 vacancy for a Staff Governor and Co opted /LA governor. If you are interested in either position please contact Mr. Steve Quirk on 0151-477-8190


A note from the Chair of Governors

Dear parents, staff and residents,


I am privileged to have been Chair of Governors for Mosscroft Primary School for the past 4 years.

I have been a governor since my own children were pupils at Mosscroft Primary and have always believed that Mosscroft is a great school where children will have their potential recognised and fulfilled. I shall be working in partnership with the Governing Body to continue to ensure that this is the case in order that the children of Mosscroft Primary receive the best school experience possible.


Mosscroft serves a diverse community and strives, and I believe succeeds, to encourage interaction and participation within it.


Thank you


Nick Bowmaker




Governors Term of Office 2016/2017


Name Date of Appointment End date Term of Office Appointed by:
Nick Bowmaker 1.3.2017 28.2.2021 4 years Governing Body
Paul Maryon 1.11.2014 31.10.2018  4 years  Parents
Joy Adcock 1.3.2017 28.2.2021 4 years Governing Body
Damian Kenny 1.12.2013 30.11.2017 4 years Governing Body
Stephen Percival 12.7.2016 11.7.2020 4 years Governing Body
Louise Stubbs 17.11.2015 16.11.2019 4 years Governing Body
Penny France 1.3.2017 28.2.2021 4 years Governing Body
Beverly Hewitt 1.3.2013 28.2. 2017 4 years Governing Body
Brian Flynn 1.3.2013 28.2. 2017 4 years Governing Body
Steve McArdle 1.3.2013 28.2. 2017 4 years Governing Body



Register of Business Interests – 2016/17 Academic Year


Name of Governor Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment of Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
Nick Bowmaker None Recorded    
Paul Maryon None Recorded
Joy Adcock None Recorded
Damian Kenny Deans Academy Trust SLA provider (Sports Specialist) Employee: Assistant Head
Stephen Percival Health & Safety

(Training supplier)

Local Authority Employee
Louise Stubbs None Recorded
Penny France None Recorded
Beverly Hewitt None Recorded          
Brian Flynn None Recorded          
Steve McArdle None Recorded          


The above certify that they have declared all interests which they or any person /firm/ company connected* to them have with businesses or other organisations which may have dealings with the Company.

*A person is connected to a Governor if they are a child, stepchild, parent, grandchild, grandparent, brother, sister or spouse of the Governor or any person living with the Governor as his or her partner.

*A firm or company is connected to a Governor if it is one in which the [Director]/[Governor] is a partner; an employee; a consultant; a director; a member; or a shareholder


Date and Attendance at Governor Meetings 2016 / 17


Resource Committee Standards Committee Full Governors Resource Committee Standards Committee Full Governors Resource Committee Standards Committee Full Governors
Governors NB N/A N/A      
PM N/A N/A      
JA N/A N/A      
DK N/A X AA N/A X      
SP N/A X N/A A      
LS AA N/A N/A A      
PF AA AA      



√: attended

AA: apologies accepted

AX: apologies not accepted

X: no apologies provided

N/A: not applicable (governor does not sit on that committee)

TOE: term of office ended