For this school year our target to 96%.  If together we can reach 96% we will hold our attendance party again at the end of the school year.

We have lots of  incentives to help raise our whole school attendance including an end of year McDonalds for those classes staying at or above 96% for the whole year and a reward for any class having 100% for the whole week.   The children will also be taking part in a class attendance race each month so remember every day counts!  Last school year we introduced our Present and Punctual Purse Reward Scheme.  Every week each class have the chance to earn 2 pound coin tokens for either, the class having 96% attendance or above for the whole week or for all of the children in class attending that week being on time for school.  At the end of the school year Mrs France will exchange the tokens for real money and the class can decide together how the money will be spent.

 Our incentives come from ideas from the children as we feel it is important for them to share with us what will motivate them to improve attendance .

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