Having gained Silver Accreditation in Summer Term 2018,  Mosscroft Primary School is now working towards achieving the Gold  Liverpool Counts Quality Mark.

The Liverpool Counts Quality Mark is part of a varied programme of strategies targeted at improving maths results for the children.  The specific remit of the Quality Mark is to tackle the negative attitudes towards numeracy and mathematics which are prevalent in many areas of our society.

We aim to challenge these widely held views and promote a culture where children and parents readily understand the impact good numeracy skills and mathematics qualifications can have on the social, financial, health and employment aspects of their lives.

The programme also aims to support teachers and other adults in  schools to encourage pupils to make connections in their numeracy and mathematics lessons to real life contexts and with other areas of their school experiences.

Maths Quality Mark in Action

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Whole School Homework/Maths Competion – February Half Term – Written by the Maths Ambassadors.

The maths ambassador’s wrote the homework for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. They then explained the homework in an assembly. Afterwards, they gave the prizes out to each year group and each child who took part. Well done ambassadors! Here are some photographs of the children talking to the school about the homework:

Here are copies of the homework that the children wrote:

Key Stage 1 Maths Homework February 2018 

Puzzle Day for Key Stage 2 – Wednesday 22nd November 2017

On Wednesday 22nd November 2017, Key Stage 2 enjoyed a practical Maths Puzzle Day. We had to work in teams to solve the big 3D puzzles. Here are some photographs of the day and some quotes from children in Key Stage 2.

“We used maths by working with shapes. We worked in groups of six – it was fun!”

“We did a lot of puzzles and we had to add up numbers to make 10. We used magnets to make a cube. My favourite was the magnets cube.”

“I liked the puzzle day because we worked in groups to try and complete different puzzles that the instructor gave us.”

“We had to solve problems by looking at patters – it was a really fun day.”

“I really enjoyed maths puzzle day. It was realy fun because there was a variety of different challenges. My favourite challenge was the jigsaw challenge.”

“I like the maths puzzle day because it was fun and my favourite activity was having to make a square out of a triangle and a variety of different shapes.”



African Workshop Day – Monday 20th November 2017.

During our African Workshops on Monday, our Maths Ambassadors were being Maths Spies. Here are quotes from the children about the maths that was used:

“We used maths for dancing, counting beats and when using the drums.”

“We used maths when we were estimating the population and the different between England’s population and Nigeria’s population. Nigeria’s population is three times larger than the United Kingdom.”

Enterprise Day Monday 18th December 2017

A huge well done to ALL pupils for getting involved in Enterprise Day 2017!!

Here are copies of the certificates that each class were awarded – have a look to see how each class contributed in different ways!

EYFS Certificate Year 1 Certificate Year 2 Certificate Year 3 and 4 Certificate Year 5 Certificate Year 6 Certificate

Early Years Enterprise Photographs:

Year 1 Enterprise Photographs:

Year 2 Enterprise Photographs:

Year 3 and 4 Enterprise Photographs:

Year 5 Enterprise Photographs:

Year 6 Enterprise Photographs:

Bingo Night – Monday 18th December 2017

We had lots of fun having a maths Bingo Night; the ambassadors excelled themselves and prepared all the PowerPoints for Bingo Night as well as helping on the night. Many thanks to local businesses that supported our Bingo Night.

Here are some photographs of the night:

Thursday 25th January 2018 – Maths Competition

Well done to the Year 6 children who took part in a Maths Competition with three other local schools. It was a great afternoon off maths and the children worked very hard, both on their own as part of a team. We are looking forward to similar competitions in the future.

Here are some photographs of the children who took part.

February 2018

Reception and Year 5 met to enjoy doing maths together!

NSPCC’s Number Day – Friday 2nd February 2018

The whole school dressed up in our own clothes to help raise money for NSPCC and also to raise awareness of maths in the school. We all came to school in clothes that had numbers on. Some of us even made our own Number outfits:

Number Day Photographs:

Thank you to everyone for your support – we raised £98 for The NSPCC.

Quotes from the children about Number Day:

“On Number Day we had an assembly explaining why number day was created – we came in our own clothes with numbers on them.” Year 6 Pupil

“On Number Day we all dressed up in our own clothes that had numbers on them, we raised money for a charity called NSPCC.” Year 6 Pupil.

“We sang number songs and we went on a number hunt. We made a number book.” Year 1 Pupil.

“We did a number hunt. We made number books.” Year 1 Pupil.

Year 1 and 2 Warburton’s Visitor

Warburton’s came in and spoke to Year 1 and 2 about the production of bread making. We talked about measurements and quantities. We discussed profits and how maths is useful to the company.

Year 2 Healthy Eating

We used maths when thinking about healthy eating. We had to think about proportions and fractions.


Maths Hub Opening

From Monday 5th March 2018 the Maths Hub will be officially open at lunch times for children to come and enjoy maths. Maths tutorials will be taking place in the Maths Hub – thank you to all the ambassadors who work hard to teach Key Stage 1 children each lunch time.

Photos to follow shortly…

Challenge of the Week

Each week the maths ambassadors are going to be setting a maths challenge for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and for adults. These can be found in the school hall and they will be posted here each week.

Challenge Week beginning 12.3.18 Puzzles 20.2.18

Recommended Maths Websites and Games

Internet-based Activities relating to Number and Place Value

Internet-based Games relating to Times Tables Practice

Maths App Recommendations

  • 7-11 Key Stage 2 Maths
  • Monster Maths
  • Cool Kids Maths Games

Watch this space for teacher and peer recommendations too!