A very exciting start to the term as all the flowers are beginning to sprout outside!

In Reception we have begun our new topics of RE, SEAL and Music. In RE we are learning all about a special person in the Christian religion called Jesus. We have learn all about how he was born, what he was like when he was growing up and will continue to learn about the special things that happened in his life. The children already really love Bible stories and are looking forward to learning more and more!

In Music we are beginning to use Musical notation. We started the term off by using Boomwhackers to play Baa Baa Black Sheep together. It was a bit tricky as we had to read our own music but we all managed it in the end! We will be practicing this as we go through each week and we will hopefully be able to perform our piece by the end of the term!

Finally, in SEAL we have been learning about what to do when something is challenging and how to aim for our goals. For this, we have been reading a collection of stories about how other people tried things that were hard and managed them in the end by trying very hard and keeping going each time! The class love these stories and will be looking at one every week from now until the end of term.

In year 1 we have had a very nice start to our Computing with a new topic on directional vocabulary. The children have been practicing moving around the hall ready to create and use their own algorithms in the next few weeks to direct beebots and robots around games and rooms. We may even make our own maps ready to use with our beebot robots!

Year 2 have had lots of fun with our selection of new topics. Read below to find out what we have been doing in each one:

Science: Our new topic on Plants and Animals has got off to a very scientific start. We have already been on a nature walk around the school equipped with magnifying glasses and spotter jotters, while completing lots of exciting activities back the class including sorting animals using our own criteria, discussing our own ideas about the differences between plants and animals and even writing our own animal riddles which were lots of fun! We will continue to work on this topic throughout the term, looking at how animals change with the seasons and looking at plants and what they need to survive.

Computing: We have already made great headway on our new Computing topic which will look at data and data progressing programs. The class used one of their Science surveys (this time taking one which logged which pets the children in the class owned) and began to draw their own set of graphs and tables to display the data. The class agreed that doing this took a long time and was quite tricky to do using a pencil and ruler. Mrs Rogers then showed the class how Excel could be used to do this same job in just a click of a button. The class agreed that this was a very exciting program and will begin to use this to create their own charts and tables over the next few weeks.

Year 3/4

In RE we will be looking at the interesting topic of Buddhism this term. The class began by watching the story of Buddha and retelling this in their books. Over the next few weeks the class will be learning about all parts of Buddhism including doing their own meditation and yoga as well as turning the classroom into a Buddhist temple. By the end of the topic the class will have made their own Buddhism booklet using their own words to describe what they have learnt!

In PE we have begun the new topic of Basketball. We will begin by playing various passing and defending games, moving onto attacking and eventually creating our own game by the end of the term. The class are already showing a real flair for this game and are very excited to learn more as the weeks continue!

In Computing this term we have begun an interesting new topic about inventors and inventions. We began by looking at the people who invented very important pieces of equipment that we rely on today, such as the telephone, radio and above all the computer. We began by learning about Alexander Graham Bell and how he created the first telephone, only realising that it worked when he spilled acid on his own leg! The children will create a series of posters about what they have learnt using typing and cut and paste picture techniques. These will be displayed around the school.

SEAL: Year 3/4 have begun their new topic about Going for Goals. They began by looking at how cruel things can affect people. The class listened to the story of Sally, a little girl who was badly bullied and whose love of school changed because of the way she had been treated. Mrs Rogers crumpled up a piece of paper, scrunching it up more and more every time Sally was called a different name or was treated cruelly. The class were then asked to say sorry to Sally. With each sorry, the page became more and more unraveled. The class then discussed whether Sally was completely fixed or whether the words that had been said had damaged her deeply. The class all decided that it was far better to avoid saying and doing unkind things and thinking about things before they did them instead of trying to fix a situation when someone had already been hurt.

Year 5

In year 5 we have been learning about the important Christian figure of Jesus. Most of the class admitted that the only story they knew about this important figure was the Christmas story. We learnt a lot in just a few lessons looking at the Easter story, some parables and the story of Jesus growing up. By the end of the term, the class will have created a Christianity fact book which will be used for display in the corridors.


Year 6

This term we will be doing lots of work on our new SEAL theme ‘Going for Goals’. The class began by looking at a series of positive reinforcement techniques and watched some videos about how these can help us to be confident about our own skills and abilities. The class created an inspirational ‘I am’ wall using positive message bricks. This will be used for display in the corridor to inspire other students to  feel confident to take on new challenge and to achieve their goals.


Finally in French, all of KS2 have been learning the same skill at different levels. They have all been looking at the very tricky concept of conjugation! The most feared skill in languages!!!! The classes have all been working hard to try and learn a set of conjugation songs, while year 5 and 6 have been practicing using these in verbal sentences. This work will continue into next half term (as it is really quite tricky) with the older years beginning to use this new skill in their writing. We also have a new competition! The first student to be able to greet Mrs Rogers and to ask her her name, responding to her questions with their own name and age will win this CAKE! May the best garcon or fille gagner!


We are all looking forward to this new term with lots of learning and fun to be had! Have a great Spring everybody!

new_beginnings new-beginnings2new-beginnings

We’ve had a fantastic start to the year this year learning about lots of things including ‘New Beginnings’ in SEAL where we have been writing our own school rules and thinking about what school would be like if we didn’t have any rules! The children have started to make their own news broadcast about this which should be displayed on this page later on in the year.

In French we have been doing lots of songs and games to get us back into the swing of using the language. The children have labelled the school using French signs and have learnt a collection of games including Simon says or ‘Jacques a dit’ and ‘prendre quelque chose’. We have even managed to have a french feast of croissants and pain au chocolat while learning about food traditions in France.


In year 2 we have been learning all about how to stay healthy in Science. We began by lookng at healthy eating, moving on to the importance of exercise, hydration and sleep (Mrs Rogers favourite thing!) We were also very lucky to have a visit from our local nurse who helped us to revise what we had learnt about eating a balanced diet and also taught us all about how to keep our teeth healthy. Year 2 will end the half term by writing their own health leaflet using all of the things they have learnt so far.


TOPSHOTS Muslim pilgrims perform the final walk (Tawaf al-Wadaa) around the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in the Saudi holy city of Mecca on November 30, 2009. The annual Muslim hajj pilgrimage to Mecca wound up without the feared mass outbreak of swine flu, Saudi authorities said, reporting a total of five deaths and 73 proven cases. AFP PHOTO/MAHMUD HAMS (Photo credit should read MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/Getty Images)

In R.E we have been learning about lots of different things including the Islamic religion in year 5 and the Fruit of the Spirit in year3/4. Year 5 will create their own non chronological texts about Islam which will be displayed on this website while year3/4 will make their own Fruit of the Spirit posters which will also be displayed on this page.



Finally in Computing we have been working on Algorithms in year 1 and email and Edmodo in year 2. Year 1 had a fantastic visit from the CLC where they created algorithms for a robot called Alex. We have since been working on more complicated algorithms using ‘Daisy the Dinosaur’. We were even able to program rogers bot to try to get her to make a sandwich by following our instructions. Year 2 have been learning how to stay safe on the internet, creating their own Edmodo accounts and fake email accounts to message each other in a secure and safe practice mode. The children learnt about the importance of using a fake name, not putting personal details online and even how to make their own avatar. edmodoM=w300