Here you will find lots of different pieces and styles or genres of music. You and your classes can come along and listen to different music whenever you like, here you will find Music for waking up to, music for dancing, music for maths, music for sleeping and even music for eating to!

I’m also including a section for you to make your own music using online tools like this

Click on the link and drag the coloured symbols onto each characters body to create your own voicebox music mix! Untitled-1

Come on in and find out more……







EYFS and KS1:

Look no further, your stop is here! Find some fantastic examples of classical music for EYFS and KS1 by following this link below:


EYFS here are some more fantastic music resources for your to use in class. Have a look and sing along


Also, you might enjoy playing Musical Mysteries, a detective game where you learn all about the orchestra and some of the special words of the musical world.


KS2 and UKS2 Here are some resources to get you started off:

Scroll down to find some amazing music lessons with links to writing and story telling!



Our Composer of the month is Vaughan Williams, a welsh man who wrote beautiful classical music. He liked writing music for large orchestras. Here is one of his pieces about a bird (a lark) who is flying up high in the sky (ascending). Sit back, close your eyes and have a listen! Let me know what you think!

This is a classical piece of music for an orchestra. There is one soloist who plays the violin by themselves at various parts of the piece. The soloist in this tune is called ‘Nigel Kennedy’. He is a very clever British violinist who started playing before he was 7 years old. He was a child prodigy which means that he was amazing at music from a very young age. He could listen to a piece of music and then go straight to a piano and play it, even when he didn’t know anything about music at all!

Here we have another piece of music, this time from an artist called Frank Sinatra. Here he is singing about his favourite place to go……NEW YORK!

Finally, some Flamenco….a Spanish tradition of music and dance. Have a little look at the video and think about the hot Spanish sun!


So you want to get to know the orchestra and all its instruments a little better? Look no further and follow this link: