12 As well as having a reading area in every classroom we have a school library which every class visits on a weekly basis. During this visit children have the opportunity to look at a range of books and chose a book which they would like to read in class during  our ‘DEAR‘ Time :





Our Reading Ambassadors

We have recently established a very busy group of Key Stage Two children who applied for the post of reading ambassador. These children help to keep the library area neat and tidy together with other reading areas around  school. In addition, they have a weekly reading session with their Key Stage One buddy to share stories with them and improve the reading ability of our infant children.


Reading Schemes

Here at Mosscroft Primary, we follow the Oxford Reading Tree scheme throughout Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2. Children in the Early Years are introduced to the characters – Kipper, Chip, Biff, Floppy, Mum and Dad, which gives them a secure first step on their reading journey. As children work through the stages of the scheme, the texts broaden in terms of themes, text types and characters. All our reading scheme books are linked to book band stages of reading.We have recently purchased Dandelion Reader in Early Years and Key Stage One to help support reading linked closely to phonic progression.  A popular addition to our upper Key Stage Two reading approach is the internet based Reading Plus were children read an e-text and answer questions, so as to improve reading fluency, speed and comprehension.

Teaching staff hear children read on a regular basis in school and this informs assessment of word reading and understanding (comprehension).

Children are also able to choose their own books from a wide range in our class libraries and from our Reading for Pleasure area in school. As soon as children are assessed as competent readers and that they have a secure understanding of what they have read, they will have more freedom to choose their own titles from the books we have in school.

Reading is taught in many different ways at Mosscroft and runs through all lessons. Teachers, teaching assistants, reading buddies and volunteers listen to children read individually on a one to one basis regularly.  This provides children with valuable one to one time, support and guidance. There are Shared Reading sessions that involve children sharing the reading of a piece of text while supported by the teacher. The teacher models the skills of good readers, including reading with fluency and expression. Guided Reading(VIPERS) is taught in regular sessions when children work in small groups of similar reading abilities supported by the teacher. During these sessions we will look at a text in detail, discussing the meaning of what we have read and we will practise specific skills for comprehension such as decoding and inference and deduction.

 World Book Day

World Book Day provides an annual opportunity for us to have a whole school focus on the pleasure of reading. We have celebrated this day in different ways. Sometimes we chose one book to enjoy across the whole school and use this text as a stimulus for reading into writing. Two of our favourite stories have been You Choose by Nick Sharratt and Good Little Wolf by Nadia Shireen. In 2018 we chose a range of books which had a British Value as a theme that ran through them. Not only do we have fun using these books in our English lessons but we get to dress up on World Book Day too, which is lots of fun!

Here are some of our favourite characters…


Reading Areas around School


We are very lucky in Huyton to have a whole world of books on our doorstep.  Huyton Central Library is a great place to go to find the new books out. Below is a list of activities that the library offers with their opening times and contact details.  Click on the link below to find out what your local library offers, opening times and contact details.



Top 10 books you must read while in primary school!

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Click on the link below to have a look at other book titles that have been recommended for children of all ages.

Free ebooks are available in Liverpool from Central Library just go to www.readliverpool.co.uk and register.

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Suggested Reading List for Year 3 pupils KS2 Age 7-8

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Useful reading information for parents


When you are reading with your child, here are some questions that you could ask your children to check their comprehension and understanding.