Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to our class! Our class teacher is Mrs. Carroll and we have Miss. Pearson and Miss. McKelvery to help us.


Snowy Weather Work

In the event of a school closure due to bad weather please complete this work at home and bring it into back into school on your return or email the school office  mosscroft@knowsley.gov.uk with the subject ‘Year 2 Snowy Weather work’.

Year 2 Snowy Weather Work

In year 2 we all strive to be kind, caring, friendly and considerate children who aim to always be green and follow the golden rules.

Welcome back after the Easter break. We hope you had a wonderful time off and are back feeling refreshed after a lovely 2 weeks off with some lovely weather.

We can’t believe the summer term is upon us already our school year has been brilliant so let’s make the summer term one to remember. We have our key stage trip to look forward to in a few weeks. In May year 2 will also complete their end of Key Stage SATS tests. More information will be given to parents before half term.

Now we are nearing the end of year 2 we are working hard to make sure we follow the golden rules and core values of our school as well as in our lessons following the key principals in IPC and making sure we work hard and always try our best. We are getting ready to leave Key Stage 1 ready for the demands of Key Stage 2 and joining year 3 as juniors.

Please take a look at our curriculum map to see what we will be learning about this year:




Autumn Term Spring Term Summer term
English Stories with a familiar Setting


Brochure/ leaflet

Riddle Poems


Traditional tales


Story with a fantasy setting

Acrostic poem


Diary writing

Maths Place value


Addition and subtraction




Multiplication and division



Multiplication and









Problem solving


Statistics and graphs


Position and direction




4 operations

IPC From A to B Food Time Travellers
PE Games x2 per week


Dance x2 per week

Gym x2 per week


Dance x2 per week

Games x2 per week


Athletics x2 per week

Computing You’ve got mail

Super sci fi

Whatever the weather

Code tastic

Young authors

Lets fix it

Science Humans



Our skeleton


Super science

SEAL New Beginnings

Getting On & Falling Out

Going for goals

Good to be me



RE Hinduism

Divali & Light

Special places


Families and friends
Theme Week Diversity Week Enterprise Week Shine Week


Spellings and maths homework will be given out each week and tests will take place on a Friday. Please remember reading should be completed each night and book bags sent into school each day.

Music will take place every Tuesday and will be taught by Mrs. Hughes who is a specialist music teacher in line with the national curriculum.
PE will take place every Monday and Friday please ensure your child has their PE kit in school with suitable footwear.





Our IPC topic for the Summer term is ‘Time Travelers!’ which is all about explorers and finding out about important people in time. Take a look at the wonderful things we will be learning about.


Be able to use key words and phrases relating to the passing of time.

Be able to order events and objects into a sequence

Be able to ask and answer questions about the past


Be able to order events and objects into a sequence


Be able to find out about aspects of the past from a range of sources of information




Be about to use a variety of materials and process


Be able to comment on works of art.




Explore and evaluate a range of existing products.


Explore a range of mechanisms for movement.


Design purposeful, functional and appealing products for themselves and other users.


Explore and use mechanisms (for example levers, sliders, wheels and axles) in their products in the context of making a moving picture.



Be able to work with each other where appropriate International Learning







We will be having lots of fun collecting our class Dojo points! For every 20 dojos we get a small prize! We can earn Dojo points in class and around school for following the Golden Rules, making sure we are adhering to the Core Values at Mosscroft, bringing our PE kits and having the correct uniform. We can also collect a Dojo point each week for homework which we know is very important.

Year 2 Top Sites

Use these websites to help you:




Our Learning in Action

Take a look at the wonderful things that we have been learning about so far this year.